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House of Power Speed Shop we are your one stop bike shop for service, customizing, parts repairs and performance modifications for ALL BRANDS OF MOTORCYCLES AND SMALL ENGINES, Whatever your needs, owner Sean Riley personally stands behind all work done at House of Power.  With over 20 years of experience,  you can depend on Sean’s extensive expertise, creativity, old fashioned work ethic and a personal guarantee of all work.
We keep our knowledge and tooling up to date, we are equipped to perform all work on everything from early models to today’s computerized fuel injection models

Full Service Shop
Extended warranty Authorized repair facility
Authorized Dynojet/Power Commander and ThunderMax Dyno Tuning Facility (check out our Dyno page)
Performance packages
Collision service/Insurance repair
All motorcycles, ATVs, etc.
Professional detailing
Complete motor rebuilds
Port, flow and polish heads
welding & machine shop
All levels of performance upgrades
Custom parts made

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Why our services beat the competition!!!!!
We do our services the way I was taught when I started working on bikes, before they put grease zerk fittings in the neck and swingarms to save time, when you actually had to visually inspect and hand pack the bearings. In my opinion filling the cavity between the top and bottom neck bearings with a ton of grease, in a place where there are NO SEALS, is asking for a big mess, and possibly bigger problems. As the temperatures rise grease runs down and out slowly blowing back all over you and your paint in small amounts, then the road grit sticks to the grease, then you wipe it off, oops scratch goes your clear coat, over and over until that 6 or 8 ounces of extra unnecessary grease has all run out. Now that is just a small issue when it comes to using the grease zerk. A visual inspection because this grease zerk is now skipped or forgotten, a visual inspection should be done every 10,000 miles and the fall away test or adjustment test should be done every service, I have noticed a lot of bikes with loose front ends the last few years, so if your hearing a knocking sound over railroad tracks or certain bumps in the road or your getting wobble/or what some call handle bar slap you should look into this. Another forgotten area is the bushings in the fork sliders, checking them for wear on a regular basis is also very important not just replacing the fluid and calling it good. Bad neck bearings or bad bushings in the fork slider can cause speed wobble. From my experience going down at high speeds due to speed wobble is no fun been there done that. The swingarms needs are just as critical and need checked just as carefully. Getting caught in a weave during a sweeping curve in the road to where it feels like you have a flat tire can send even the experienced rider to the ditch. Most your control of the bike depends on these three areas and should be checked regularly by a professional and not forgotten because of the ease of a grease zerk.
Service Schedules
1k &5k Service Breakdown:

Below is our recommended maintenance for the first 1000 mile, And every 5k after that. Our service department can schedule an appointment at any time to perform your service needs. diagram of a motor
-Check for any fault codes
-check front fork fall away/adjustment
-Replace oil & filter.
-change Primary Lubricant and clean magnetic drain plug.
-adjust clutch.
-adjust primary chain.
-change transmission lubricant and clean the magnetic drain plug. (Unless using Amsoil then every 10,000)
-check tappet screen, (Evo, models)
-Inspect air cleaner and service as required.
-Inspect brake pad linings and discs for wear.
- Inspect oil lines and brake system for leaks.
- Lubricate the front brake hand lever, the throttle control cables and the clutch control cable.
-lube speedometer cable and drive unit.
-check operation of electrical equipment and switches.
-check tightness of all fasteners, except engine head bolts.
-check tire pressure and inspect tread.
-check rear drive belt/chain for wear and anything imbedded in it and or adjust lube chain.
-check transmission lubricant level.
-inspect fuel valve lines and fittings for leaks.
-check rear shock absorbers.
-check brake fluid reservoir levels and condition.
-check stabilizer links and engine mounts.
-check wheel spoke tightness.
-check rear fork pivot nut.
-check air suspension for correct operation and any leakage.
-lubricate jiffy stand.
-inspect for vacuum leaks.
-road test.
10k & 20k Service Breakdown:
Bdiagram of motorelow is our recommended maintenance for every 10,000 miles.

-Check for any fault codes
-change key fob batteries
-change engine oil and filter.
-change transmission lubricant and clean the magnetic drain plug.
-change Primary Lubricant and clean magnetic drain plug.
-check/adjust primary chain.
-adjust clutch.
-check cam chain adjuster wear. (Twin Cam)
-check tappet screen.
-check rear drive belt/chain for wear and anything imbedded in it and or adjust lube chain.
-lube the foot/shift brake rear brake control.
-inspect brake pads and discs for wear.
-flush and replace brake fluid reservoir levels.
-inspect oil lines and brakes systems for leaks.
-lubricate the front brake lever, throttle control cables, throttle, clutch control cable, and hand lever and jiffy stand.
-lube speedometer cable and drive unit
-check, adjust operation of enrichener.
-inspect fuel valve, lines and fittings for leaks.
-inspect air cleaner and service as required.
-clean fuel filter screen (carb only).
-check operation of all electrical equipment and switches.
-check battery condition and connections.
-change spark plugs.
-check tire pressure and inspect tread.
-check wheel bearings, clean check end play, grease, replace seals
-check wheel spoke tightness.
-visually inspect, and repack front fork bearings, set fall away.
-inspect front fork slider bushings replace seals and fluid.
-lube and adjust Springer rocker bearings.
-inspect for vacuum leaks.
-inspect, adjust, and repack swing arm bearings.
-check condition of rear shock absorbers.
-check air suspension-pressure operation and any leakage.
-check stabilizer and engine mounts. Check tightness of all fasteners except engine head bolts.
-lubricate hinges, latches-fuel door, tour pack, saddlebags.
-check engine idle speed adjustment.
-balance carbs (metric bikes)
-road test.

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